Scott’s Presentation Topics

Scott McKain’s dynamic presentations inform and inspire – meaning your audience learns — and implements the ideas following the program. His unique platform style has earned him induction into the Professional Speakers Hall of Fame!

While every program is custom-designed specifically for your organization, Scott engages his audience on the following topics:

Keynote Presentations

Scott McKain’s dynamic presentation’s inform and inspire – meaning your audience learns and then takes action! With his unique platform style, which has earned him membership in the Professional Speakers Hall of Fame, Scott engages his audience on the following topics:

Create Distinction
What to Do When “Great” Isn’t Good Enough to Grow Your Business
Based upon Scott’s upcoming book “Create Distinction” (expanded and revised release of bestselling book, “Collapse of Distinction” — named by thirty major newspapers as one of the “Ten Best Business Books” of the year), Scott reveals why it is so difficult for customers to distinguish one competitor from another; then, he outlines the specific steps organizations and professionals must take to truly create distinction and establish superiority in a competitive marketplace.

Lead Distinction
How Leaders Transform Organizations When “Great” Isn’t Good Enough
With cutting-edge material from his upcoming book, “Leading Distinction,” Scott provides actionable plans, as well as innovative insights, on the specific steps leaders should be taking in today’s highly competitive marketplace to create greater productivity and profitability, while simultaneously providing a greater experience for both external and internal customers.

Deliver Distinction
What Customers REALLY Want
From his research for his bestselling book, “What Customers REALLY Want,” Scott reveals the Six Disconnections between customers and the organizations where they do business. By understanding what separates you from your customer, and discovering how to bridge the gap, you move towards creating the “Ultimate Customer Experience®” — ensuring enhanced customer loyalty and greater profitability.

Think Distinction
ALL Business is Show Business
Over a decade ago, Scott wrote in his first book of a concept he had already been pioneering to organizations since the mid-1980’s: The model of “show business” — of creating compelling emotional connections with the audience — was one ALL organizations should consider. In this program, Scott revisits the concepts and action steps required to earn standing ovations and encores from your audience of customers and colleagues — meaning engaged clients who refer and promote you, and a reduction of the costly expense of turnover through enhanced retention.

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Seminars and Workshops

The Ultimate Customer Experience®
In this half-day or full-day session, participants walk through the five precise steps necessary to create and deliver an Ultimate Customer Experience®. This program is highly interactive and “hands-on,” and encourages each person to discover the precise and specific actions required to raise the delivery of the customer experience to an extraordinary level.

And, please remember, there are both external and internal customers — meaning this content has great relevance even to those on your team not directly engaging your end customer!

In addition: The content found in all of Scott’s keynote programs can be expanded to half-day programs – or combined in a customized manner specific to your organization’s unique needs to create highly engaging full-day programs — on better understanding what customers REALLY want, leading in turbulent times, and how to deliver experiences to external and internal customers in a distinctive manner to create space between you and your competition.

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Training and Education

The extraordinary — and extraordinarily unique — content of Scott McKain is also available for delivery via training programs for your organization.

You can license the content or specific training programs from us. Or, our team at the Value Added Institute can teach for you — or train your trainers. And, comprehensive online learning programs can become an element in the execution of the program, or serve as a stand-alone teaching method.

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