One of the real takeaways from spending the week with Volkswagen Group Australia — from sales and service managers to owners, dealer principals, and general managers — is that attaining an iconic level of performance is not restricted to organizations.

In other words, you and I should not only aspire to achieve the highest level of distinction, we can take the steps that will lead to that summit.

The first “Factor of Iconic Performance” (from my new book) is to “Play Offense.” By that, I mean that we must choose our own path. We must choose the road that we’ll take and not allow others to define the path for us…even as we learn from the example of those we admire.

“Choice is the basis of every part of your existence, but so is fear. The difference is, choice creates movement, where fear limits movement.” 
― Réné Gaudette

Too often, we get hung up on the expectations of others — or the performance and approach of competitors — that we define our success and satisfaction by their standards, not our own.

Organizations — and their leaders — have the right to determine what success and iconic performance looks like for their business.

However, you have the right — and the responsibility — to define what success and iconic performance is for you.

Our challenge is to start taking the steps that will take us to our personal iconic summit.