I spent much of this past week in San Diego at my first Social Media Marketing World conference. Thousands of professionals ranging from entrepreneurs attempting to build a business to executives with the world’s most formidible brands joined together to hear speakers (including me!) and dialog with one another about the future of marketing.

The common theme was a basic and impactful one: connect with customers through emotion and humanity.

If you’ve followed my work, you know I was writing about this over fifteen years ago in my first book, “ALL Business is Show Business!” Any effort in show business succeeds only when it creates the desired emotional connection with the audience. A drama makes you sad, mad, or scared…a comedy makes you laugh and joyful.

I’d strongly suggest to you that the same is true in your business. You’ll succeed when you create the desired emotional connection with your “audience” (in business, we call them “customers” and “prospects”) in a compelling manner.

The significant problem is that few have really examined how they want their customers to FEEL. We know we want them to BUY. We hope they’ll REPEAT their business. We pray they’ll REFER their friends.

However — in most cases — we haven’t really focused specifically on how we want customers to FEEL…which is the major determinating factor in whether or not they’ll BUY, REPEAT, and REFER.

  • Start today.
  • Ask yourself — and your team:
    • how we make our customers feel today,
    • how we want them to feel,
    • and how we close the gap between our current reality and our desired outcome.

When you create the emotional bonding that you desire and customers crave, you’ll probably find that everything else will work out just fine for you and your organization.