ICONIC Consulting & Distinctive Training

ICONIC Consulting & Distinctive Training

Grow Your Business… Enhance Your Success

The extraordinary — and extraordinarily distinct — content of Scott McKain on how to create distinction, deliver distinction as a leader, and the Ultimate Customer Experience® is also available for onsite delivery via consulting and training programs for your organization.


Scott can work directly with you and your key people to:

  • Create distinction in every phase of business within your organization
  • Teach your people the Ultimate Customer Experience® to establish superiority in a competitive marketplace

In addition, the content found in all of Scott’s keynote programs can be expanded to half-day programs – or combined in a customized manner specific to your organization’s unique needs to create highly engaging full-day programs.

  • Better understanding what customers REALLY want
  • Leading in turbulent times
  • How to deliver experiences to external and internal customers in a distinctive manner to create space between you and your competition

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The Distinction Institute

The training and certification offered through the Distinction Institute teaches the keys to selling distinctively, and perhaps the most single critical factor in business today; the steps to create Ultimate Customer Experiences that engender lifelong loyalty.

Training and Certification

We have corporate licensing for businesses and their employees.

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  • Easy to Navigate Environment
    • Scott McKain can be YOUR coach teaching how to distinctively sell and uniquely serve your customers.
  • Real-time Reporting
    • Simple tracking dashboard: You will see where each participant is in the process, and how they are performing.
  • Accountability
    • The one-on-one, interactive and engaging platform features quizzes and immediate feedback.

Contact us online and one of our our team members will be in touch shortly to assist you.
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For more on our virtual training platform visit http://DistinctionInstitute.com.

The Distinction Institute