The content found in all of Scott’s keynote programs can be expanded to half-day, highly interactive seminars and workshops – or combined in a customized manner specific to your organization’s unique needs to create highly engaging programs — on understanding what customers REALLY want, leading in turbulent times, and how to deliver experiences to external and internal customers in a distinctive manner to create space between you and your competition.

““The response from our agents has been fantastic and you definitely have built a loyal following with our group.””



From senior level workshops that produce actionable steps to lead distinctively — to high-energy extended programs for your entire team to learn how to sell and serve remarkably — the content delivered by Scott McKain is based upon his bestselling books and years of research.



Create Distinction Through The Ultimate Customer Experience


In this half-day or full-day session, participants walk through the Four Cornerstones of Distinction, the six major disconnections between organizations and their customers, and the five precise steps taught by the Ultimate Customer Experience.

This program is highly interactive and “hands-on,” and encourages each person to discover the precise and specific actions required to raise the delivery of unique selling strategies and/or the customer experience to an extraordinary level.

And, please remember, there are both external and internal customers — meaning this content has great relevance to those on your team who do not directly engage with your “end customer”!

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