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If the purpose of your meeting is to focus on talent management, teamwork, and HR:

Scott McKain has vast experience in what matters to you. Over fifteen years ago, Scott’s first book discussed the importance of the employee experience in creating the results any organization desires, no matter the specific industry. He has long focused on the importance of HR professionals and talent management in fostering productive teamwork to maximize both the retention of top talent and the acquisition of the talent you require to move your organization to the iconic level of performance.

Scott has proven talent management success. Scott has worked with organizations from diverse industries of all sizes to assist them to attain their HR goals. From the “Ultimate Business Summit” that Scott and two colleagues host every year for small business owners to global conferences for the world’s largest employers, companies of all sizes tell us that Scott has had an impact on their success in talent management.

Scott’s presentations drive real results. From a Canadian mortgage company to a multi-million-dollar home safety business in Nashville, companies of all shapes and sizes confirm that Scott McKain has had a powerful and positive impact on their approach to talent management.

Most organizations proclaim that, ‘Our people are our greatest asset,” says Scott. “So…why do many companies treat them like an expense?” With Scott McKain’s insight, you can build talent management that maximizes the asset you have in your team — rather than minimizes the commitment you have to your people.

“The response from our agents has been fantastic and you definitely have built a loyal following with our group.”


Your HR & talent management audience will experience these specific takeaways from a custom-designed program especially for you from Scott McKain:


ICONIC Outcomes


  1. Learn that every prospective team member will judge you based upon only two factors – and what to do about it to increase employee retention, morale, and recruitment.
  2. Discover the “Six Major Disconnections Between Team Members and Your Organization” – and how to bridge the gaps to build a culture that retains and attracts superior talent.
  3. Why the true goal of talent management is “attraction” and not “pursuit” – and how to make your organization irresistible.
  4. How ICONIC professionals are different than others; how that creates loyalty that ensures organization growth; and, how you can attain that status.

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