Scott McKain – Safety Meeting Keynote Speaker


Safety isn’t just about specific practices – it’s about the attitudes of employees, the effectiveness of teamwork, and the leadership of your organization. Scott McKain has had a lifelong commitment to helping enhance all three of these important qualities.

When Scott was a college student, he became recognized for speaking up for the importance of farm safety for young people working in production agriculture. This involvement in the safety movement led to his appointment to the Board of Directors of the highly-regarded National Safety Council, where he served two terms in office.

With his family members working in professions such as linesman for a power company, truck driver for a long-haul freight company, and other occupations where safety is a critical component, Scott’s view of safety broadened from a single industry into the wide perspective he now shares with organizations around the world.

“My family members used to view the required safety meetings as some kind of organizational punishment,” Scott says. “They were boring recitations of specific practices and haranguing on accident statistics that did nothing to foster the kind of teamwork, overall attitude, and mutual concern that creates a safer working environment.”


I am a true Scott McKain fan! Specific goals with realistic timeframes!

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“I vowed that if I had the opportunity to serve as a part of those meetings, my contribution would be dynamic, fun, and impactful.” Which is exactly what his clients say about his programs as a component of their total safety program.

If you’d like a compelling program to improve the attitude of your team, to encourage the teamwork that is critical in your safety efforts, or to work with your organization’s leadership to plan and implement this approach – let’s talk about how Scott McKain can help you stand out in your safety efforts!


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