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If the purpose of your meeting is to focus on leadership for your C-Suite and top executives:

Scott McKain has front-line experience in leadership. By age 21, as a leader of a half-million-member student organization, Scott McKain had met the President in the Oval Office and the Chairman of GM in their Detroit boardroom. By 25, he was named the Chairman of the Official Bicentennial Project of his home state of Indiana and was named to the Board of Directors of one of the nation’s largest volunteer organizations. He has built his own small business with several employees and served on the Board of Directors of everything from a publicly-traded company to multi-million-dollar charitable foundations. He’s learned from the successes – and failures – of these organizations and brings that leadership wisdom to you and your organization. 

Scott has consulted and worked with top leaders. From speech coaching and training for leading CEOs to facilitating C-suite executive workshops on creating distinction and rising to the highest level of performance, CEOs and top executives from Australia to Dubai to across the United States have learned and benefited from the research and insights of Scott McKain.

Scott McKain’s work in academia. Immediately upon his college graduation, Scott became the Director of Public Affairs and Annual Fund of his alma mater. Gifts to the fund doubled in the first year of his work. Scott has presented his insights at prestigious institutions like UCLA, the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University and the Kellogg School of Business at Northwestern University.

And, Scott was invited to join Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple and Marc Randolph, co-founder of Netflix, as one of the elite “Faculty in Residence” at High Point University – named by “US News and World Report” as one of the nation’s “most innovative” institutions of higher education.

“You hit on a number of challenges facing our industry and many of our customers in particular – how to stand out and be different in an increasingly competitive market. You are so highly relevant and spot on, Scott.”

Jan Metzdorff

President, Sonova USA

Your C-suite/top leadership will experience these specific takeaways from a custom-designed program especially for you from Scott McKain:


ICONIC Outcomes


  1. The critical importance of clarity in leadership – and why so many leaders fail in this regard.
  2. How senior leadership can inspire – and direct — innovation in their organization.
  3. What business school didn’t teach that every executive must know.
  4. Advanced communication techniques for leaders.
  5. What you need to know about the new economy with the shift in generational purchasing power – and how your organization should structure to meet the future.

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