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Clients – whether B2B or B2C – are judging you and your organization on only TWO aspects: promise and performance.

Over a decade ago, Scott McKain’s research revealed one of the most challenging aspects for any financial advisor’s practice: clients aren’t judging their experience with you as compared to that offered by other advisors. Rather, they evaluate the client experience with your practice based upon the totality of experiences they’ve had with superior professionals and organizations across all industries.

As Scott has been championing for many years, this means your competition isn’t just another wealth management practice down the street. You compete with Amazon, Four Seasons, Mercedes, and Ritz-Carlton when it comes to the perception of affluent clients and prospects on the quality of the client experience you offer — and your success at practice management.

Scott has personally visited over 175 local branches of financial institutions from Manhattan to Moline, from Miami to Monterey, doing the research required to understand what really happens “in the trenches” for wealth managers. This means his insights are specifically targeted to the unique industry of financial services.

How can a financial institution – and the professionals who work with them – attain the highest level of distinction? Scott McKain can demonstrate the specific steps to achieve that lofty and critical goal.

It seems too many speeches at too many meetings in financial services end up being “either/or.” It’s either a boring speech with lots of research and high content – or, it’s an engaging motivational program without significant depth.

Scott McKain delivers dynamic programs with significant insight and meaning. He has received rave reviews from over 500 speeches and seminars he has presented to financial service groups.


WOW! You owned the audience in Denver. Every person in the room was on the edge of their seat. Your presentation was the right mix of stories, anecdotes and actionable ideas for our clients and our own company to implement.

Advisors Asset Management

“The response from our agents has been fantastic and you definitely have built a loyal following with our group.”

Nationwide Insurance

He has spoken before virtually every type of audience you could imagine – from multi-million-dollar producers to bank tellers; on enhanced service to client associates…to boosting teamwork with top advisors…from expanding your practice to attract more “A-list” clients…to dealing with generational issues in financial services when there are more CFPs over 70 years old than under 30.

Scott McKain has the insight and comprehensive experience required to ensure a contribution to your event that makes an ICONIC impact.

Highest rated speaker at our most important annual conference!



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