Scott McKain – Healthcare Keynote Speaker


In today’s Facebook/Twitter/Yelp/Social Media world, any dissatisfied patient or family now has the platform to instantaneously broadcast their opinions regarding your organization, institution, or practice to the world.

Scott McKain has significant personal experience on this perspective. He spent five years as the sole caregiver for his terminally ill wife.

Scott has experienced every level of health care…from early diagnosis to hospice…and just about every stop in-between. This deeply personal situation provides a unique perspective – and one of profound appreciation for professionals in all fields of healthcare.

This experience – combined with his knowledge of the world of social media and new and expanding governmental regulations and oversight in healthcare – means Scott McKain knows it has never been more important to understand and execute the steps necessary to create the “Ultimate Patient Experience.™”

Based upon the concept he pioneered in the early 1980s of the “Ultimate Customer Experience”®, Scott insists there are three separate and progressive levels of interaction with every patient and family. If you aren’t aware of those levels – and how to build engagement at each of them – you cannot truly create an “Ultimate Patient Experience.™”

Oh my gosh! He was amazing! What an inspiring guy! Our attendees and our staff LOVED him. I can’t say enough good things! He was the best way to end our conference.


Scott has spoken to important organizations in many fields of healthcare – from Kaiser Permanente to Mentor; from Munich Health to Harvard Pilgrim; from the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgeons to GHX/Global Healthcare Exchange. He can – and will – make a significant impact on your next healthcare event.


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