Scott McKain – Travel and Hospitality Keynote Speaker


Two primary challenges facing the hospitality and travel industry today: increased competition from a variety of sources…and the instantaneous and pervasive nature of online customer reviews.

Because of these factors, perhaps there is no industry that needs to deliver an “Ultimate Customer Experience®” more than travel and hospitality. And, perhaps there’s no organization that needs to attain the ultimate level of distinction – and become ICONIC – more than yours.

That’s why Scott McKain is the perfect speaker for your next event.

In his latest book, the award-winning “ICONIC,” Scott uses specific examples from the travel and hospitality industry. He clearly displays the concepts and tactics that took a single-store Midwestern restaurant to higher revenues than New York’s famed Tavern on the Green. And, he teaches how a desert resort property, surrounded by intense and high-quality competition, made others in the marketplace practically irrelevant.

Scott will show you how you can do the same so you can stand out from your competition and create repeat and referral business that sings your praises on social media reviews.


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Add to this research his personal and practical experience as a customer: millions of airline miles, years of nights spent in hotels, and thousands of restaurant experiences – not to mention helping his local CVB attract one of the world’s largest conventions to his former hometown and programs for MPI and other organizations of meetings, travel and hospitality leaders – and you have a unique breadth of insight that will create a memorable presentation for your meeting.

It’s why Scott McKain has been the highest rated speaker in the history of many top events in travel and hospitality – and it is what can will deliver for you and your organization.


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