Scott McKain – Marketing and Branding Keynote Speaker


If the purpose of your meeting is to focus on marketing and branding:

Scott McKain has direct experience as a marketing leader. He is one of only twenty-four members of the Sales and Marketing Hall of Fame (along with Dale Carnegie, Zig Ziglar and Og Mandino), and his research and understanding of marketing and agency culture makes him the perfect fit for your upcoming event.

Scott has proven marketing success. For the past three decades, he has not only marketed and branded his own business to multi-million-dollar success, he has helped drive real results for the world’s most dynamic brands.

Scott’s presentations drive real results. As noted after a presentation by Scott to Intel, he not only identifies marketing and branding challenges – he provides a clear roadmap for solutions that generate strategies and tactics for greater success for his clients.

“We very much enjoyed your presentation last week. It has provoked a lot of discussion among our management team. Finally we have someone giving us a plan and a way rather than describing the issue and no solution.”


Your marketing and branding audience will experience these specific takeaways from a custom-designed program especially for you from Scott McKain:


ICONIC Outcomes


  1. Learn the only two factors upon which your customers will judge you – and why marketing is the most critical aspect in the equation – and what to do about it.
  2. Why your “why” is NOT your brand – and neither is your “customer promise.”
  3. Why the true goal of marketing is “attraction” and not “pursuit” – and how to make your marketing irresistible.
  4. How ICONIC companies market differently than others; how that creates brands that transcend specific industry categories; and, how you can attain that status.

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