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To be successful in real estate, a buyer or seller must choose to purchase or list with you and your firm as opposed to the myriad of other options available in today’s real estate marketplace. You can discover the steps to differentiate your office, your practice, and yourself even in this world of overwhelming similarity and easy access to information.

Let’s face it, no homeowner has ever said, “I LOVE my real estate agent – she’s EXACTLY like every other one out there!”

It’s hard to think of a more competitive industry than real estate. And, that’s exactly why the research and the dynamic presentations of Scott McKain can have such a profound impact.

Through the insights from Scott’s award-winning book, “Create Distinction: What to Do When ‘Great’ Isn’t Good Enough to Grow Your Business,” you’ll discover the Four Cornerstones of Distinction.

This is not just about “being different.” It’s not a bunch of fluffy promotional ideas to merely “stand out.” (As Scott says, if you slap every client in the face – you’ll be different and stand out. But, that is not what will build a business.)


I can’t even begin to tell you successful your presentation was. THANK YOU!!

RE/MAX of New England

Every real estate agent and office seeks repeat and referral business. Scott McKain’s approach to creating iconic levels of performance and delivering the “Ultimate Customer Experience ®” has received rave reviews and standing ovations from audiences ranging from a small group of elite multi-million-dollar top producers in California to thousands of agents in Toronto.

Scott McKain can deliver an iconic presentation to enhance your real estate success at your next event!


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