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Scott McKain designs captivating presentations and bestselling books that clearly reveal how to create more compelling connections between you, your team, and your customers — and how to stand out and grow market share, regardless of the economic climate in your industry.

Scott McKain’s research into retailing and customer engagement strategies has produced what called one of the “top ten business books of the year.” And, his retail clients for presentations say he has helped take them to the iconic level of sales, customer experience, and retention.

The problem many retailers encounter is that their organizations are structured vertically – you have corporate divisions and each team has specific functions. Yet, customers experience your business horizontally.

Your challenge as a retailer – facing customers who want you to produce an extraordinary performance that delivers on the promises that your marketing and sales teams have extended – is to make the customer experience seamless. That only happens when you know the principles of the “Ultimate Customer Experience.®”


“Best speaker I have had the privilege to be enthralled with. I’m working on the steps to implement “The Best furniture delivery you’ve ever had” program.”

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“I have but a brief moment to say what profound effect your presentation has had in my business and personal life. Thank you, I will endeavor to make myself stand out…”


Many years ago, Scott pioneered the concept of the “Ultimate Customer Experience®” – and his company owns the Federally registered trademark for the term for all uses in education and organizational training.

Scott McKain can clearly illuminate for your retail organization how to enhance your performance and ensure your promise is congruent for customers. He will teach the steps required for the “Ultimate Customer Experience.®” He will show how your organization can attain the ICONIC level of retailing distinction.

Scott was amazing at our conference last Friday in Calgary! He honestly threaded everything together… he is wonderful

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