Scott McKain – Technology Keynote Speaker

Perhaps the biggest challenge in technology today is the problem with humans.

You can have marvelous advancements in your products and services, but if you can’t attract and retain terrific talent – and if you fail to create superior customer experiences – your technological advancements will not attain their full potential or profitability.

That’s why the world’s most advanced tech organizations have turned to Scott McKain – and why you should, too.

He has the experience, research, and content to show your users how to succeed, your teams how to become more productive, and your leaders how to create distinction.

Every tech organization wants to be a leader in innovation. Yet, innovation without application is merely good intentions. Scott McKain’s programs help organizations move from intention to implementation. He clearly and succinctly demonstrates how individual professionals and organizations attain iconic status through the application of the Five Factors of Iconic Performance.

It’s why the most advanced high-tech firms on the planet have not only selected Scott for an event for their organization – it’s also why most have then had him return for more programs.

“The only speaker in the history of our company to have received a perfect score from EVERY attendee at our most important global partners event. We’ve booked the leading speakers in the world. Scott McKain received the highest ratings of all.”


“Thank you for providing us an opportunity to meet with you, to listen to your outstanding presentation and to work with you. It was indeed a matter of great pride for us…”


In this time when you have to keep up with growing demands from both clients and colleagues; when your market is fiercely competitive; when you have to continually innovate for success to create sustained organic growth; and, when you have to manage a generationally and geographically diverse team (often working remotely) to attain organizational goals, it’s never been more important to learn the ICONIC principles of Scott McKain.


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