There are many options for you to choose from as you select the speaker for your next event. Why should you choose Scott McKain over the other alternatives available?


Top Ten Reasons to Select Scott McKain:

10. You know he’ll show up and be engaged.

Scott’s ONLY current business is as an author/speaker. You won’t get a call saying something else has come up or there’s a conflict – which can happen with those speakers with other careers in sports, business, politics, or broadcasting. And, he loves engaging with your audience – he doesn’t bolt for the door the moment his program is over…because he truly wants to be of service to you and your team.

9. You know the audience will love his program – because 70% of our bookings are repeat engagements.

No organization would bring back a speaker that their audience didn’t want to hear again! (And, for many of our clients, it’s the first time they’ve ever used the same speaker more than once…which should indicate to you how much they valued Scott’s program.)

8. You’ll know that no matter the situation, Scott is prepared to succeed.

If the lights go out or the sound system fails, if there’s a tragedy just before his presentation, if the CEO goes long and you have to cut his time, or if the company has unexpected news right before he goes onstage – and all of these have happened to Scott on multiple occasions – he can handle the situation. (Could a speaker with lesser experience do the same if this happens to you?)

7. Your audience will be entertained as they are enlightened and inspired.

Scott is not a stand-up comedian. However, his presentations use humor as one of the vehicles for the message. He’ll get your audience laughing as they are thinking.

6. You get a broad diversity of experience – not just a single success or event.

From playing the villain in a movie Roger Ebert called one of the 50 “great movies” in cinema history to speaking on the White House lawn with the President in the audience; from being a syndicated television broadcaster to member of multiple Boards of Directors; from addressing an elite group of CEOs in Aspen to farmers in a hut with a dirt floor in Brazil; the tapestry of Scott’s experiences create a diverse and profoundly moving business keynote.

5. You won’t stress out.

Our office is very proud of the vast number of times we’ve been told, “Of all the speakers we have ever booked, Scott has been the easiest to work with.” He’s down-to-earth, humble, and no prima donna. You’ll absolutely love working with him.

4. You’ll get a truly customized presentation.

Because of the pre-work we do for you, Scott’s program is not just a canned book report. It’s genuinely designed for your audience at your event. Read the quotes on our website and notice how many refer to the fact that Scott was “spot on” in his presentation.

3. You’ll receive maximum value.

From a pre-event video and survey and a personal conference call to review content, to follow-up content and video after the speech, you will get much more than just a keynote when you select Scott McKain.

2. You’re getting the primary expert in the hottest, most important topic in business today.

If you can’t separate your organization from the competition…and you can’t attract and retain top customers and team members…how will your business grow? Scott McKain has been called by a Fortune 500 CEO the “world’s premiere expert on creating business distinction.”

1. You’ll sleep really well at night.

Scott has been cited as the “best speaker we’ve ever had” by companies in a myriad of industries and by audiences of all sizes. He’ll be the same for your event.


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