Do you need to put blinders on… or take them off?

Do you need to put blinders on… or take them off?

In horse racing, they’re called “blinders” or “blinkers.”

You’ve probably seen them – they’re the cups made of leather or plastic that prevent a racehorse from seeing much of what is around them…and keep them focused on what is in front of them.

It means they concentrate on the race at hand – not on the crowd, competing horses, or a myriad of other potential distractions.

You’ll also see them often used on horses that pull carriages on city streets to minimize the chances they’ll be spooked by all of the surrounding commotion.

Here’s the question for YOU: Do you need to take your blinders off…or put a pair of blinders on?

  • Some professionals find it easy to be distracted by the multitude of opportunities they have – and they are engulfed by online interruptions.
  • Many find it practically impossible to focus on a specific activity or action…even if it is one that could help them create distinction.

The first Cornerstone of Distinction is CLARITY – and, obviously, if you aren’t focused, you cannot exemplify the clarity required to stand out from your competition.

  • Conversely, other professionals are so focused, they have become myopic.

Steve Jobs is an overused example, but his approach certainly applies here.  While others viewed his focus to be on the Macintosh when he returned to Apple, he had a slightly different vision.  He was clear that Apple should be concentrating on important aspects — like elegant design, simplicity of product use, and innovative marketing.

This meant that Jobs could also apply this clarity to new lines of products – the iPod, iPad, and iPhone.

His clarity wasn’t restricted by blinders.

Only you can determine if you need to put a proverbial pair of blinders on…or take them off.

However, being honest with yourself about what you need to do in that regard can have a major impact on your productivity, your success…and your ability to create distinction.